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ANC 4B Request for Mandatory Use of Masks during COVID-19 Pandemic
Ward 4
Commissioner Tiffani Nichole Johnson, 4B06
Department of Health(DOH)
7405 9th Street NW Washington, DC 20012
7/29/2020 12:34:50 PM
• Until such time as an approved vaccine is available, the District must ensure that all residents are mandated to use personal protection equipment (PPE), specifically face masks when out in public. • The mandatory PPE order should continue until the District has reached stage four (4) of the ReOpen DC plan which requires an effective cure or vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic. • Rather than using limited police resources to enforce a mask mandate, the District should encourage mask usage through free, ubiquitous mask distribution. In addition to allowing emergency services workers to distribute free masks, free masks should be readily available at public transportation hubs, on transit vehicles, at libraries, recreation centers, schools and other public buildings, through meal and grocery distribution sites, through senior meal delivery and through community-based service organizations and non-profits.
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