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Calling for Street Sign Replacement & Visibility Within Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B
Ward 4
Alison Brooks
District Department of Transportation (DDOT)
7405 9th Street NW Washington, DC 20012
10/29/2021 7:08:09 PM
? Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B requests the District Department of Transportation install proper signage at the following locations: – One Way signs were installed in the wrong direction at the intersection of North Capitol Street, NE, and Kennedy Street, NE, nearly causing an accident with a child in the crosswalk. – Flexiposts were installed at North Capitol Street, NW, and Longfellow Street, NW, but the agreed upon signage has not been installed. – Speed humps were installed on the unit blocks of Kennedy Street, NE, but signage has not been installed. – Signage along Military Road explains the use of the third lane. In 2020, the same signage was requested along 5400–6000 blocks of New Hampshire Avenue, NE, and not provided. – The left turn arrow on North Dakota Avenue, NW, near Capital City Charter School needs to be re-painted. The arrow has faded. – A list of requests is included below with 311 confirmation numbers where available found in the resolution
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